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Northport Village dock under construction, closed to public until further notice


by Chrissy Ruggeri | Wed, Mar 15 2023

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To facilitate a much-needed construction project and ensure the public’s safety, the Northport Village dock will be closed to the public for repairs until further notice.

Northport Village Trustee and Commissioner of Waterways Dave Weber told the Journal that Brandt Marine Construction has started mobilizing equipment needed for the repairs and rebuilding of the Village dock. “Areas of the dock have been identified by JPCE Consulting Services as in need of serious repair or replacement, including several main pilings, crossmembers and bracing, some of which are below the water’s surface,” Weber said.

This $294,895 project is expected to last through May and will be partially funded through a $175,000 state grant. “Residents and boaters can look forward to the dock being open and fully functional all summer long, just as they have come to expect,” Weber noted. “...Having a refurbished public dock located feet from dozens of shops, restaurants and parks is a major draw for the recreational boating community up and down Long Island Sound.”

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