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Work on Northport Village dock hits halfway mark

Village by: Chrissy Ruggeri, April 12, 2023

The Northport Village dock repair project is expected to be completed by mid- to late-May, with the first section of work slated for completion next week. Photos courtesy Dave Weber.

Below is an update on the Northport Village dock project provided by Commissioner of Docks and Waterways Dave Weber.

Brant Marine Construction is currently halfway through the Northport Village dock repair project to remove and replace worn piles and cross braces, according to an update provided by Trustee Dave Weber. The northernmost 40-foot and corner sections of the dock are slated for completion by April 21. After those areas are completed, the gazebo will be moved back to its original spot. At that time, construction will begin on the last 30-foot section of the project.

“If weather holds, this project will be wrapped up mid- to late-May,” Weber said. Seymour's Boatyard will be installing the south dinghy floats on Thursday, April 13, where any permit holder (both north and south) will have access to tie up, he explained. As soon as construction is complete, Seymour’s will come back and install the north dinghy float, as well as the landing and people’s float.

“This project, although inconvenient for a short time, is a much needed and welcomed upgrade for a long-lasting marine structure. It is a significant focal point of Northport Village and one we all should be proud of,” Weber stated.