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New Village board swears in and gets to work at annual organizational meeting

Village by: Chrissy Ruggeri, April 6, 2022

Newly elected Mayor Donna Koch gets sworn in at the April 5 Village board meeting.

Last night, the Northport Board of Trustees had its annual organizational meeting and the newly elected board members were sworn into office among a packed room of friends and family at Village Hall.

Several appointments and new positions were announced at the meeting. Joe Sabia was appointed deputy mayor and the board approved the following designations of commissioners, which was decided by Mayor Donna Koch:

Commissioner of Commerce: Trustee Dave Weber
Commissioner of Finance: Mayor Donna Koch
Commissioner of Public Works and Highways: Trustee Joe Sabia
Commissioner of Parks: Trustee Meghan Dolan
Commissioner of Docks and Waterways: Trustee Dave Weber
Commissioner of Personnel: Trustee Meghan Dolan and Trustee Joe Sabia
Commissioner of Police: Trustee Ernest Pucillo
Commissioner of Sanitation: Trustee Ernest Pucillo

J. Edward Gathman Jr. was appointed as Village attorney to replace Stuart Besen at the rate of $125,000 per year, plus $225 per hour if his firm Gathman & Bennett LLP is used for any litigated matters.

Besen’s law firm Milber Makris Plousadis & Seiden, LLP will still represent the Village of Northport on certain actions that are presently pending in court and administrative tribunals, including the lawsuits regarding the Northport Hotel and Northport Fish & Lobster Co. This decision was in the best interest of the Village, Mayor Koch explained, as it will avoid the costs that would be associated with changing law firms to deal with the Village’s pending proceedings.

Georgina Cavagnaro was appointed the full-time Village clerk at the rate of $90,000 per year, with a $4,500 annual payment in lieu of health care benefits. Joy Nygren was appointed deputy clerk at the annual salary of $65,000, plus $1,500 annually for attendance at monthly Planning Board meetings and $4,500 in lieu of health care benefits.

Skye Odegaard was appointed secretary to the Board of Zoning Appeals, with an annual salary of $57,000, plus $1,500 annually for attendance at monthly Board of Zoning Appeals meetings and $1,500 annually for attendance at Board of Architecture and Historical Review meetings.

The Treasury Department was also reorganized, with Treasurer Len Marchese retiring on May 31 and current Deputy Treasurer Siobhan Costello taking over as treasurer on June 1. Costello will be paid $102,000 a year, with a $7,500 stipend for her extra work as the IT manager. Janine D’Orio will serve as deputy treasurer with an annual salary of $81,000 and an additional $4,500 in lieu of health care benefits.