Spacious commercial unit for rent on Fort Salonga Road in Northport.

One month rent and one month security due upfront.
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Letter: “A great opportunity for new voices and new leadership”

Village January 26, 2022

Northport Village resident Meghan Dolan, pictured here with her husband and their three children, announced her intention to run for Northport Village Trustee last week. Photo courtesy Meghan Dolan

Dear Editor,

“I am running for Northport Village Trustee on March 15.” Words I never thought I would say, but when I think about why I am called to do this right now, one major reason is that representation in our Village matters. The voices of families, parents, women and young people are essential to this Village and its policy- and decision-making. The interests of families and our children must be represented and protected financially, environmentally, and socially, now and for the future. There is a great opportunity in this election for new voices and new leadership, and I know I can do the job well.

A graduate of Harvard University and St. John’s School of Law, I began my legal career in public service when I was appointed an Assistant District Attorney in Nassau County in 2009. As a former prosecutor and member of law enforcement, I am well-versed in representing the interests of others as well as the challenges and intricacies of policing, a major part of the Village’s responsibilities. I have also worked as in-house trial counsel for a Fortune 100 insurance carrier, and most recently as a litigator in private practice here on Long Island. I have represented not only businesses and individuals, but also multiple municipalities across Long Island on cases ranging from civil rights litigations in federal court to criminal defense, commercial litigations, employment matters, and zoning disputes, to name a few. With my varied experience, I know I will hit the ground running on all of the issues facing our Village.

Recently, as a co-founder and local leader of Not In Our Town Northport, I have worked closely with Village officials and administrators, as well as local, state and school leaders, to organize events and educational initiatives to advance Northport’s reputation as a safe, inclusive community. It is of utmost importance that this work continues in order to preserve this reputation and the quality of life for all Village residents. I am so inspired by the positive changes I have seen happen when smart, hard-working, empathetic residents and leaders come together in this Village.

As a mother of three young children, a member of our PTA, and a coach for my four-year-old’s Northport Youth Center Soccer team, I am committed to the future of this Village. A clean and safe harbor, innovative infrastructure to protect that harbor and our environment, financial stability, modern solutions to bolster our small businesses, and honest, brave leadership with integrity are of utmost importance to me, and I believe imperative to Village residents and families as well.

I am excited to get to work and I am so grateful for all the support Northport has already shown me. I ask for your vote on March 15 so that I can serve our wonderful Village within this new role. I look forward to hearing from many of you:

Meghan Dolan
Northport Village