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Trailer exploring identity brings home first place in media arts contest for NHS student


Sun, Apr 16 2023

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Northport High School senior Jack So took home first place for his trailer, “K-Am: The Discovery of My Home,” in the Suffolk County Community College (SCCC) Radio and TV High School Media Competition. The trailer, which is just shy of two minutes long, was centered around Jack’s interest in exploring his Asian-American identity through a trip to East Asia.

“While making the trailer, I really felt like I was conveying what it means to live with a sense of individualism,” So said. “A feeling in which every second, no matter how small, seems to help shape your identity.”

So produced the trailer in his Media Arts course under the direction of teacher Michael Gutheil, who expressed his gratitude to SCCC for providing students interested in media an opportunity to compete and gain insight into schools throughout the county.

“Jack is a creative, hard-working and talented young man. He, [and] many kids his age, have a lot to say and the arts afford them the opportunity to do so,” said Gutheil. “I’m so happy to work in a district that supports its Media Arts program and allows for these forms of self-expression.”

Jack is looking forward to continuing to explore forms of media as a means of self-discovery. “For me, media is a method of communication and expression,” So said. “I hope to create all sorts of media in the future to better express who I am as an individual and the flow of life that follows.”

The SCCC contest was open to students throughout Suffolk County and included both audio production and video production categories.

Watch his trailer above.

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