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Northport Rotary presents fine art fair and sale for Gift of Life charity

People by: Chrissy Ruggeri, May 20, 2022

Works such as this 2022 NFT by John Joseph Dowling Jr. will be displayed at the Northport Rotary Miracle in the Making Fine Art Fair and Sale on May 21 from 1-5pm in Northport Village Park.

Tomorrow (Saturday, May 21) the Northport Rotary is hosting the “Miracle in the Making Fine Art Fair and Sale” in Northport Village Park. Take a stroll through the park anytime between 1 and 5pm and browse the works of award-winning local artist John Joseph Dowling Jr., who is contributing to the 200 pieces of art that will be on display. Among the works will be framed and matted fine art photographs, abstract paintings, NFTs and more.

Northport Rotarian Latonia Early Kelly said that she connected with Dowling by happenstance. In their discussion of his charitable pursuits, Latonia asked him if he’d be willing to donate to a fundraiser that would raise money for Gift of Life, a foundation that provides hope to children from developing countries with heart disease, regardless of their gender, creed or national origin. “They are hurting tremendously from the pandemic, as most charities are,” she explained of the foundation.

One-hundred percent of the proceeds raised by the Northport Rotary at tomorrow’s art sale will benefit Gift of Life Long Island, which brings children to New York for pediatric cardiac surgery, catheterization and aftercare programs. The program handles all activity for the child patient and his/her family from the time they arrive in New York until they leave.

The art fair and sale will include works of all price ranges, for people who are serious collectors and those who just want something pretty, Latonia said. “Anyone who wants art can come out and buy something that makes them happy to see, and know that the money is going towards a worthy cause.”