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GoFundMe launched to help support East Northport teen hit by car while biking home


Fri, Jul 15 2022

Three days after being struck by a car while bicycling, 13-year-old Drew Farabaugh gets some fresh air on his hospital room balcony. Photo via Facebook.

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A GoFundMe was launched by friends of the Farabaugh family after Drew, a 13-year-old riding on his bike, was hit by a car just one block away from his East Northport home last Friday, July 8. “This helmet saved his life and it was said over and over again by the trauma team. I’m grateful he had it on,” his mother Amanda Farabaugh said on a Facebook post after the incident.

Since the accident, Drew has undergone surgery on his jaw and face. He has extensive dental damage that will require months of dental and oral reconstruction, followed by years of follow-up procedures as Drew’s mouth continues to grow and oral implants will have to be replaced.

The GoFundMe has been set up to help the family pay for these necessary dental procedures, which will not be covered by health insurance. To date, the community has raised over $20,000, and the surgeries are expected to cost $100,000, which is the fundraiser goal.

“We are blessed to live in this community. It’s not only beautiful, but beautiful for the people that make it home. We are so grateful for everyone,” Amanda said.

In a July 12 update on her Facebook page, Amanda said Drew has remained unbelievably positive throughout this experience. “I can say it’s 100%, because of the love everyone has shown him,” she wrote. “We have watched his face light up with the cards, messages and knowing people care about him. Without all of you, this child and family would be lost.”

Drew, who had his braces removed less than one month before the accident, lost both front and back teeth in the crash, and the teeth that were damaged will need to be pulled. Permanent implants will not be in place until he is at least 22 years old, his mother said. He also suffered a head trauma, a partially collapsed lung, moderate facial swelling, a corneal abrasion from surgery, and other injuries. Although discharged from the hospital earlier this week, Drew requires much in-home care.

“The horror of the accident hits home to all of us with kids and loved ones,” the GoFundMe page reads. “We are so grateful that Drew is alive and now we hope our community can come together to help them on the long road ahead.”

If you’d like to contribute, the GoFundMe campaign for Drew and the Farabaugh family can be found here.