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Double Cow Harbor dollars: Team Annabelle looks to reach fundraising goal by the finish line

People by: Joanne Kountourakis, September 15, 2022

Double donations: a generous sponsor has agreed to match donations to the Team Annabelle and Friends fundraising campaign through September 17, the day of the Great Cow Harbor 10K Run.

A generous sponsor and longtime friend of the Lewis Oliver Farm in Northport Village is doubling down in support of the neighborhood animal sanctuary, offering to match all donations, up to $5,000, to the farm’s annual Cow Harbor fundraiser.
Celebrating its sixth year, the Team Annabelle and Friends fundraising event will take place this weekend, at the Great Cow Harbor 10K Run. Team Annabelle members fundraise by soliciting sponsors to support their efforts on the team, while those not participating in the day’s event can simply donate to the cause.

One hundred percent of proceeds from the fundraiser go toward covering the farm animals’ lifelong, individualized care to keep them happy, healthy, and safe, which includes hay, feed, bedding and veterinary care expenses, with the added benefit of helping to sustain this community treasure now (who hasn’t listened to Annabelle and the goats happily crunch celery straight from your child’s outstretched hand?) and into the future.

There’s no better time to support the farm: all donations received through Saturday, September 17 will be doubled. For more information on the fundraiser, and to donate, click here. The campaign will run until the end of the month.