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Crab Meadow Beach observation deck still in progress, waiting on materials

Outdoors by: Chrissy Ruggeri, August 2, 2022

Construction of the observation deck at Crab Meadow Beach, once expected to open this summer, has been delayed due to material shortages.

Last July, the Journal reported on the observation deck at Crab Meadow Beach, which was under construction and expected to be open to the public this summer. One year ago, the deck, which is part of a larger pavilion repair project, was in the final waterproofing phase.

When we reached out to the Town of Huntington Public Information Officer, Lauren Lembo, about the deck progress this past May, she said that the town was still waiting on work to be finished by an outside contractor. They were originally expecting work to start last fall, but due to material shortages, the contractors were delayed.

Yesterday, Ms. Lembo told the Journal that the contractor began work in June. “They prepared all three decks, completed two, but we are still dealing with materials shortages of about 5-7 weeks to complete the middle deck,” she said. Once the materials come in, the contractors will need “a few good (warm and dry) days to finish up,” Ms. Lembo explained. She did not provide an anticipated finish date for the project.

The observation deck will be entered through the black iron gate beside the pavilion at Crab Meadow, which is currently closed off to the public. It will not be affiliated with La Casa Cafe, the restaurant at Crab Meadow Beach.