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Minor delays aside, construction should begin this year on Sunrise of East Northport

Business by: Joanne Kountourakis, February 13, 2023

The old farmhouse on the corner of Old Bridge and Pulaski Roads, most recently used as a rental with tenants, will be maintained by its new owners, Sunrise Senior Living.

Construction on a two-story, 90-unit assisted living and memory care facility to be built on the corner of Old Bridge and Pulaski Roads in East Northport is slated to begin in the second or third quarter of this year, said officials from Sunrise Senior Living late last week.

“We’ve been slightly delayed through no fault of anybody, just a matter of processing the building permit,” said Philip Kroskin, SVP of Real Estate for Sunrise Senior Living, in an email to the Journal. Officials were originally hoping to break ground at the end of 2022.

A site plan application for the facility, Sunrise of East Northport, was approved by the Town of Huntington’s planning board last October; building permit applications were submitted at the end of November.

Sites plans from early 2021 have been slightly modified, said Craig Turner, Deputy Director for the Town of Huntington Department of Planning and Environment. Minor changes to that plan include the addition of a hedge maze in the front of the property, and the intention to “protect and maintain” an existing home, currently in need of repair, not included in the original Sunrise plans. A garage adjacent to the home will be removed.

The 1,575-square-foot single-family home, while not registered historic, is a nice example of a late 19th-century farmhouse, said Kroskin. “We thought it would be beneficial to keep the building, improve it such that it is preserved with the style of its past,” he added. Located on the property’s southeast corner, the home was most recently used as a rental but is now vacant. Once restored, it will be used as a sales office and then as a space to host small events, Kroskin said.

The property’s main driveway, once located directly across from Rowena Lane on Pulaski Road, has also been moved west, closer to the property’s border.

Lot coverage as indicated on the approved site plan includes the following breakdown: the assisted living building, including covered porches, accounts for 45,275 square feet, or 16.94% of the land area. Pavement areas and landscape/natural areas combine for 82.28% of the land, with a 480-square-foot sewage treatment plant (STP) building, located on the property’s northeast corner, and the existing farmhouse accounting for the rest. The STP building will have its own driveway on Pulaski Road, near Old Bridge.

The Sunrise facility itself will include 50 assisted living suites and 40 memory care suites on two stories. It will be the third Sunrise Senior Living facility in the town of Huntington, joining Sunrise of Dix Hills on Deer Park Avenue and Sunrise of Huntington on West Hills Road.

To read more about the Sunrise East Northport facility, property and neighborhood, see the original Journal story here.

A closeup of the approved site layout plan for Sunrise of East Northport, a 90-unit assisted living and memory care facility on the corner of Old Bridge and Pulaski Roads.