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La Porta: Brick oven pizza in time for summer


by Joanne Kountourakis | Fri, Mar 1 2024

La Porta Pizza in Northport Village, which underwent an expansion and is currently being renovated, may open in April, according to owner Rob Simmons.

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Northport resident and new owner of La Porta Pizza in Northport Village, Rob Simmons recently responded to the Northport Journal’s questions about his Main Street eatery, which could open as soon as April. 

The menu is brick oven pizza, with some traditional Italian pasta dishes, salad choices, appetizers and desserts, Simmons – who acquired the pizzeria in 2022 – said. Renovations to the location include an expansion into the neighboring space, formerly a nail salon.

According to Simmons, La Porta will be serving Neapolitan pizza made in a wood fire brick oven imported from Italy. The oven will be 800 to 900 degrees, hot enough to cook the pizza in about two minutes. Slices will not be served, just fresh made-to-order pies, Simmons said, with individual and kids’ sizes available. 

“What people don’t realize is the majority of the time when buying slices you are paying for a reheated slice that was sitting on the counter for up to a couple hours,” Simmons told the Journal. “Nothing beats fresh made-to-order pizza and it takes about the same time as it does to reheat slices, maybe a couple of minutes longer to prep, but worth it for freshness!” 

A craft bar (serving beer and wine) and approximately 50 seats for patrons will fill the restaurant, with folding windows that will open the space up in the warmer months, Simmons said. 

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