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Copenhagen Bakery & Cafe sells 1,300 pies for 15th annual Thanksgiving fundraiser

Business by: Chrissy Ruggeri, November 23, 2021

Jessica Greenbaum (right) and Olivia Kurtz worked hard to prepare pies on pickup day for the annual pie fundraiser at Copenhagen Bakery & Cafe.

Today was pickup day for Copenhagen Bakery & Cafe’s annual Thanksgiving pie fundraiser, which more than doubled last year’s sales. The beloved local bakery sold 1,300 pies for a fundraiser that will positively impact several local schools and organizations, including Ocean Avenue, Pulaski Road, Norwood Avenue, and Fifth Avenue elementary schools, as well as Northport High School’s Students for 60,000 and Boy Scout Troop 403, among others.

For each pie, $5 is donated to school PTAs, clubs and organizations, making this year’s donations $6,500 in total. Jessica Greenbaum, a Northport High School graduate and the current head of operations at Copenhagen, said the fundraiser started in September with her “first batch of emails.” Jessica is in charge of “everything and anything” for the fundraiser, including the paperwork (that’s a lot of orders!), communicating with customers and counting pies.

“All of the pies were baked yesterday and I was here at 5:30am, started boxing them and didn’t leave until 4pm,” Jessica explained. “And trust me, there were eight people boxing pies to get them all packed! The orders were due Friday night and I stayed up until five in the morning counting them,” she added.

Jessica, who attends Adelphi University for nursing, has been working at the bakery for six years. “Fleming [Hansen, bakery owner] has been participating in this fundraiser for as long as I can remember and is an integral part of the Northport community. He donates everything that is not sold on Thanksgiving to local food pantries and hospitals, in addition to donating leftover bread and danish every day,” she said.

This year marks Copenhagen’s fifteenth Thanksgiving pie fundraiser. Thanks to the bakery’s efforts, important community initiatives have grown a little richer this Thanksgiving, in more ways than one.

The crew at Copenhagen enjoys the fruits of their labor today, after 1,300 pies were baked, boxed and counted.