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Blondie’s Bake Shop in Centerport closes after 12 years


by Chrissy Ruggeri | Wed, Feb 14 2024

Blondie's Bake Shop in Centerport is closing its doors for good today, February 14, after 12 years in business.

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A beloved bake shop is closing its doors, with today – Valentine’s Day – being its very last shift. An adventure that started in 2011, when owner Jess Riordan put her passion for baking and all things dessert into a small, welcoming bakery on Washington Drive in Centerport, Blondie’s has since become a go-to spot for cookies, cupcakes, scones, gluten-free goodies and more. 

“I adore all things baked and sweet. Perhaps even more, I adore what they can mean. Whether it’s the centerpiece of a grand event or a few bites quickly taken on the way to meet the school bus, a sweet treat is a moment or two of plain and simple delight,” Riordan wrote on the Blondie's website

Last week, the baker announced that she’d be closing for good with an Instagram post, and over 160 comments of heartbreak followed. “The past 12 years have been a literal dream come true. But despite our very best efforts, the cost of doing business has become too great for us to continue,” the post reads. “The love and support we’ve experienced here on Washington Drive has meant the world to us. We will always be grateful.”

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