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Opinion / Letters June 8, 2022

As an educator, mother and American, I will not allow my community to be swayed by ineffective policies, promoted by special interest groups that claim to make our schools safer. The NRA has suggested that our schools not only arm security guards, but also arm our teachers. There is no evidence that these measures would make our schools any safer.

Yet, you can attend Board of Education meetings across Long Island and hear the same ineffective solutions being proposed by members of the same political allegiance.

As a community, we need educated voters to elect local politicians that will represent their constituency and continue to advance the gun laws in New York State, to ban the sale of assault rifles, as well as make mandatory universal background checks at the federal level.

We need our school district to invest in more school psychologists and counselors to provide support services to students in need.

We need to encourage our students to use the anonymous reporting system in place to report any suspicious activity or concerns about their peers.

We need to talk to our children openly about issues related to mental health, including gun violence. We need to seek out professional help for our children when they are struggling.

These conversations are not easy, but are necessary in keeping our community safe; in keeping our children alive.

We cannot continue to do nothing, say nothing and hope that our community will not be next.

Please attend the BOE meeting on Thursday, June 16 to make your voice heard in support of these evidence-based actions.

Lauren Kearon

Lauren Kearon is the founder of the local chapter of Moms (Parents) Demand Action for the Northport-East Northport community. A public hearing regarding the NENUFSD’s Safety and Emergency Management Plan is scheduled for 7pm on June 16, at the William J. Brosnan building.