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Letter: We know we did the right thing

Opinion / Letters June 17, 2021
Letter writers Filomena Saporita (left) and Quinlan Brennan on a boat.

Letter writers Filomena Saporita (left) and Quinlan Brennan on a boat to Bird Island in Northport.

On Saturday, June 12, we went to a beach clean-up at Scudder Park. This beach clean up meant so much to us. We found dozens of pieces of trash. From big foam blocks to an almost 20-feet-long hose. To clean up this beach in our community felt really good. We know we did the right thing. After we were done the beach looked beautiful! Most of the trash that washed up was gone. We found things like plastic bottles, plastic bags, foam blocks, and hoses. We really hope that we can do this again soon.

Quinlan Brennan (age 8) and Filomena Saporita (age 6), Northport

Editor’s note: On Saturday, June 12, the Northport Native Garden Initiative (NNGI) teamed up with Trustee DaveWeber for Clean the Bay Day. Fifty volunteers, including many children, gathered to remove garbage and debris from Scudder Beach and Bird Island. Fifteen to 20 bags of garbage, plus large pieces of debris, were removed from Bird Island. Trustee Weber told the Journal, “The NNGI was key in organizing and volunteering. They’re another great Northport community organization that makes living here special!”