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Letter: Dolan embodies engaged and dynamic leadership

Opinion / Letters March 14, 2022

As a mother of two children, an educator, and a Northport Village community member, I urge you to vote for Meghan Dolan on March 15. Having moved to Northport four years ago from a place (Nyack, NY) that had a wonderful village board, I was truly taken aback by how little I saw our local government engaging with the community, as well as the narrow scope of interests represented by those who sat in local positions of power.

To put it plainly, Meghan is a breath of fresh air. She is incredibly bright, kind, and insightful. As a Harvard-educated attorney, she has a wealth of experience in representing municipalities across Long Island, and can be a truly impactful advocate for Northport. As a parent of young children who attend our public schools, she will be a much needed voice for local families and children. As a co-founder of Not in Our Town Northport, she can deepen the imperative work of ensuring that Northport is a safe and inclusive community for everyone.

Meghan is approachable, intelligent, thoughtful, and inspired. She embodies the engaged and dynamic leadership skills that our vibrant Village deserves. Thank you.

Sarah Anderson
Northport Village