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Letter: Please go vote

Opinion / Letters March 14, 2022

Dear Editor:

My name is James Izzo, and I have the honor of running for an elected position as Village Trustee in Northport. Although it may be considered a minor level government position, if compared to national elections, the act of candidacy for a small post embraces all of the same constitutional rights and privilege as if I were running for president. Obviously I am in no way comparing the two political positions. What I am saying is that the ability for me to run and for you to vote should never be taken for granted.

We need only to look at the stalworth Ukrainian people who are battling a tyrannical dictatorship for a right we often take for granted and just as often fail to recognize as essential to our very existence.

My message is not to vote for me, it is to vote.

Every generation is faced with “unprecedented” challenges, ours is no different. History identifies make or break moments, let's not wait for history. Now is not the time for ambivalence, now is the time for action. This Tuesday, and all of the election Tuesdays to follow, pull the lever in the voting booth so that we never again have to pull a trigger in the field of battle.

Please go vote!

Jim Izzo
Candidate for Northport Village Trustee