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Letter: Maintain the balance the Village demands

Opinion / Letters March 14, 2022

Dear Editor:

Northport is an amazing place to live and raise a family. But as the Village continues to grow and thrive it must deal with challenges that come along with its prosperity. The Village needs to support local downtown businesses while continuing to provide safe and convenient access for both residents and the thousands of annual visitors who realize how special our Village is.

In order to successfully provide a balance for both Village residents, who are the foundation necessary for our amazing downtown, and the influx of annual visitors who provide the additional economic engine our businesses need to survive, the Village trustees need to plan for the future. The elected officials are the stewards tasked with maintaining this balance our Village demands.

The next group of trustees need to create a long-term master plan that aims to strengthen our local community’s ties to our downtown, enhance points of entry into the Village to encourage visitors, improve accessibility for pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicular traffic, better manage parking demand, and enhance public spaces for community use and engagement.

The best and most qualified candidate to manage this crucial responsibility is Meghan Dolan. Her background in both the public and private sectors and her unique position as a mother, PTA member, and local volunteer provides the insight required to successfully create a vision for a safe, vibrant, and prosperous downtown. Please join me on March 15 and cast a vote for Meghan Dolan for Village Trustee.

Mark Brennan
Northport Village