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Letter: Keep our eyes on the prize, and vote

Opinion / Letters May 14, 2022

Dear Editor,

On May 17, the Northport-East Northport community will have an opportunity to vote on the school budget and a slate of four candidates running for three open seats. As one of the candidates seeking re-election, I hope to continue serving the school community because I believe my experiences as a professional educator and leader have served the community and students in a positive manner, and will continue to be an asset in helping us improve as a school system. The key is to always keep our eyes on the prize – each and every student every day.

With that said, I am still learning, still enjoy the work, still highly motivated, and still believe that the path to a bright future is through our students – we owe them a high-quality, thoughtful, and safe school experience so that our community and country continues to grow. As a board, we are working hard toward that end. I welcome working side-by-side with fellow incumbents seeking re-election, Allison Noonan and Tom Loughran. Both Tom and Allison are independent thinkers who value the governance process and the goals for student learning.

In closing, please exercise your right to vote, and support candidates 2, 3, and 4 on the ballot for election: Allison Noonan, Larry Licopoli and Thomas Loughran.

Larry Licopoli, Ph.D.