Letter: Elect grit, hard work, and selfless service for mayor

Opinion / Letters March 14, 2022

Dear Editor:

When I think of Dave Weber, there are many words that come to mind, but “selfless’ is the one that stands out the most. Dave puts others first at every available opportunity and his selfless acts are what make him so special.

As a prior Active Duty Army Infantry Officer, selflessness for the greater purpose of our mission was instilled in every one of us. We lived by the values of loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage. Those exact same values are what Mayor Elect Weber exemplifies every day.

I’ve known Dave now for seven years and can personally vouch for him and his incredible patriotism and support for the Veteran community. Dave constantly and consistently put veteran organizations at the top of his priority list. He has been a leader, participant, or donor to the following Veteran Organizations: Cow Harbor Warriors, Team RWB, Eagle Fit, Old Glory Relay, Paws of War and Tough Ruck.

If Dave’s support for the Veteran space is any indication how he will be as Northport’s next mayor, the Village would be so lucky. His true grit, hard work and selfless service will make him an excellent Northport Village Mayor.

Ryan Allen
Northport Village