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Letter: Choose a mayor that is willing to work for you, the people of the village

Opinion / Letters November 23, 2021

Dave Weber has announced his intention to run for Mayor of Northport Village in the March 2022 election.

Dear Northport Village Residents,

As I reflect on the meaning of Thanksgiving, I can’t help but to be grateful to this village for a life well lived. One year ago, the residents of our village gave me an opportunity to serve them, an opportunity to make purposeful change to our community by electing me to sit on the Village Board as Trustee, and for that I am thankful. It is with this gratitude I hereby announce my intention to place my name on the March 15, 2022 ballot for the position of Mayor of our fine village, so that I can continue to serve the residents.

Over this past year, I have championed for a more sustainable village. Teaming up with other organizations, I was able to continue our Aquiculture program for a healthier harbor, set plans in motion for our village-wide energy efficient LED streetlight replacement program, look for solutions to continue our sewer expansion project to all homes along the waterfront to lower nitrogen levels in the harbor, and help beautify Village Hall with native species of plants to help with runoff along Main Street while making our Village Hall more attractive. Yes, these projects have been a labor of love, but there is so much more we need to do as a community. I look forward to finding that solution to the flooding on Main Street, expanding our FLUPSY and oyster seeding program, and continuing to find ways to make Northport a more progressive, sustainable community we all can be proud of.

Having owned and operated a local business in the village for the past 25 years has allowed me to come to this Board with the knowledge and fiscal skillset to make tough decisions daily. The decisions I’ve been making on the Board are educated, responsible, inclusive and most of all transparent. If given the opportunity to become the Mayor, I will see that we continue these practices for the greater Northport.

In closing, I would like to say it’s been an honor representing you as Trustee and it is my hope that when you get to the polls in March, that you choose a mayor, and native Northporter, that is willing to work for you, the people of the village. I am that worker, and I am asking for your vote. Happy Thanksgiving.

Dave Weber, Jr.
Incorporated Village of Northport