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Shop Local: Last-Minute Gift Guide

Business by: Joanne Kountourakis and Chrissy Ruggeri, December 21, 2021

DL Barn in East Northport carries a wide selection of holiday decor, including this larger-than-life wooden Santa sign.

Some of us are still shopping. Not all of us want to be. Here are some ideas to make the most out of Main Street, and Larkfield, too. From unique finds for your best friend to gifts for your mother-in-law, get out there and get it finished. You deserve some down time.

For your mother-in-law:

Penny & Cooper: Soap dish and bar soap

Start your mother-in-law off with a small but smart sampling of Penny & Cooper’s made-in-Northport goodness. This cute soap dish with a scented bar of soap is a sure win, and will have your MIL wanting more by February (at which point you can introduce her to lotions and sugar scrubs and candles, too).
154 Main Street, Northport Village

On a Lark: Succulent Diffuser

Sure, you can get your mother-in-law a shawl (and maybe you should) but you won’t want to leave On a Lark without this faux succulent diffuser, a top seller at the East Northport store. It looks real, but requires no upkeep, and releases a fresh scent right from your desk or atop a windowsill.
165 Larkfield Road, East Northport

DL Barn: Everywhere Signs

Sometimes your mother-in-law needs it spelled out for her. Check out DL Barn’s extensive collection of signs, particularly the ones that emphasize how great she is at being a grandma. Does MIL have a great sense of humor? There are plenty of witty signs at DL Barn that’ll make her laugh, too.
526 Larkfield Road, East Northport

For your best friend:

The Firefly Artists: Felt bookmarks

These individually crafted bookmarks are many grades above the traditional variety, just like your BFF. Each has a different quote on the back, including this one from ee cummings: Yours is the light by which my spirit's born, you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars.
162 Main Street, Northport Village

Raizes: Golden Grass Headband

A beautiful and unique golden grass headband from Village newcomer, Raizes. Women artisans in Tocantins, Brazil transform golden grass into beautiful and unique pieces that are stylish, sustainable and “made to empower who crafts it and who wears it.”
112 Main Street, Northport Village

For something different:

Northport Historical Society: Four Drawer Cabinet

A truly unique piece and excellent conversation starter. This four drawer cabinet looks good and is functional: one drawer for keys, one for stamps, the other change for the meters, and the last for just. one. pen. How can there not be one pen in this house?
215 Main Street, Northport Village

Helga's Choice Consignment: Black, White and Red Newsprint Skirt

It’s a guarantee when shopping at Helga’s that you’ll find a one-of-a-kind gift. If you know who you’re shopping for, and their sense of style, go for broke and get them a unique addition to their wardrobe like this maxi newsprint skirt.
139 Main Street, Northport Village

The best grab and go:

Martoni Gourmet: Tuscany Bread Dipping Blend

Need we say more? A small treasure (stocking stuffer, anyone?) on its own, or a most generous gift when paired with crusty bread and a bottle of extra virgin olive oil from the authority on all things Italian. Mangia, mangia!
245 Main Street, Northport Village

For the Northport lover:

Harbor Greeting Cards: Mini Calendar

If your giftee can’t get enough of those breathtaking Northport sunsets, waterviews and greenery, then this mini calendar by Harbor Greeting Cards is an excellent choice. See more of what’s in stock

Penny & Cooper: Northport Historical Society Candle

This is the perfect gift for Northport lovers who appreciate the rich history of our village and the soothing fragrance of Penny and Cooper’s natural, store-made candles. Best part? A portion of your purchase goes to the Northport Historical Society.
154 Main Street, Northport Village

Northport Historical Society: Cow Harbor Poster

Love a runner? Know someone who loves to run? This 15th anniversary Great Cow Harbor Run poster is a wonderful depiction of the annual tradition we all love. It's one of two great posters in the society’s shop; the other says “Work in the City, Play in Northport” and is a top seller.
215 Main Street, Northport Village

Barton at Home: Northport Pillows

Show how much you love where you live with these full-of-pride pillows for the holidays or year round. Browse around Barton at Home for more Northport-centric items, and a great selection of home goods, many from local artisans.
489 Main Street, Northport Village

Artisan House: Northport Coasters

Display your Northport love right on your coffee table with these fun coasters from Artisan House.
80 Main Street, Northport Village

For the children:

Einstein’s Attic: Rainbow Bagel Making Kit

No need to brave the line at the bagel store, your kids can create vibrantly swirled rainbow bagels in your own kitchen. Everything you need to rope, loop and bake colorful bagels is inside this top-selling kit. Weekend mornings are fun, right?
79 Main Street, Northport Village

The Soothery: Alpaca Plush

Everyone loves an alpaca and kids just adore these miniature versions, handcrafted in Peru using 100% real alpaca fur. Soft, cuddly and fair trade-made.
106 Main Street, Northport Village

Coquus Bookstore: Kids Baking Book

The perfect addition to your aspiring baker’s cookbook collection; look around for provisions that complement the book, like spatulas and cake pans – and marvel at the well-curated collection of books for adult cooks, too.
146 Main Street #3, Northport Village (down the alley)